The world of Mafalda von Hessen

Mafalda von Hessen and Eric Wright

The MvH – Mafalda von Hessen brand is born from the partnership between Mafalda von Hessen and Eric Wright, whose respective talents and histories, united by long-time friendship and shared drive, have melted to create a brand of modern essentials.

With innate sensibility for aesthetics, Mafalda von Hessen’s eclectic personality is mirrored in her lifestyle and balanced by the vigorous practicality of a mother of four. The fashion and artistic environment that has surrounded her since childhood has certainly influenced Mafalda’s decision to undertake the exciting challenge of shaping her much admired personal style, founding her own label. A venture in which no partner could have been more suitable than Eric Wright, the American creative director whose professional path, spanning over three decades, gave him wide international recognition and speaks for itself as the highest level of creativity and determination. Mafalda’s proposal to join forces immediately appealed to Eric’s willingness to go back to women’s wear and accessories design, his first love since the decade spent as Karl Lagerfeld’s right-hand man; infusing the venture with the touch of masculine, timeless allure acquired when his talent was devoted to menswear, as design director at Fendi, Trussardi and Roberto Cavalli.

Established in Rome in 2013 as an experimental project, MvH – Mafalda von Hessen has since been looking into the duo’s complementary tastes and skills, while fine tuning their vision. Having set up an efficient structure behind them, the duo is now ready to present the Spring/Summer 2018 collection, a well-rounded concept aiming at global expansion, from June 23rd to July 3rd during Mens and the Paris Haute Couture Fashion weeks.

Made in Italy with the highest quality craftsmanship standards and sensitivity to issues of social and environmental responsibility, the MvH – Mafalda von Hessen ready-to-wear balances femininity and strength, targeting an audience of confident women who seek the efficiency of a versatile elegance. Clarity of execution and a careful choice of materials and textures, matched with a distinctive sense of colour, mark the brand’s signature style. Essentially modern, it defines a pallet of flexible elements for a dynamic lifestyle
of today, contextualised in an effortless, interchangeable concept.

The vision of Mafalda von Hessen and Eric Wright for their brand allows them to develop other segments, reflecting different facets of Mafalda’s life and curated taste. Characterized by their unique creative approach, a line for interiors is a perfect choice to integrate their vision of modern lifestyle, and a natural expression of the nonchalant essentiality that is integrated in their vocabulary. On the other hand, the Roman headquarters of the brand, Villa Polissena, with the quiet beauty of its garden and architecture has always been for Mafalda a constant source of inspiration that would naturally lead to the development of a line of scents, home fragrances and accessories.

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